Portrait Colour Palettes Collection - For both Procreate and non-Procreate users

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Portrait Colour Palettes Collection

You asked for them and here they are! A full collection of palettes to help you master portrait painting, speed up your workflow and help guide your design decisions!

This pack contains 26 of the Procreate portrait colour palettes I use most, including:

  • Thirteen different skin palettes for all skin types! Light, medium, and dark skin. Palettes include base skin tones and variations to help with colour-picking for highlights and details. (with a total of 370 colours)
  • Seven different colour palettes for Blue, Hazel, Green, and Brown Eyes. Four Simple palettes including simplified colour schemes with only essential colours, and three with a richer scheme for finer details. (with a total of 166 colours)
  • Five different colour palettes for Black, Brown, Blonde, and Silver Hair. Four Palettes that give you all the essential colours you need to paint all hair types, and a bonus hair base colour swatch for dyed colours! (with a total of 150 colours)
  • One colour palette with different shades of Pink, Brown, and Orange that are intended for striking lip colours. (with a total of 30 colours)

This pack includes both the swatches for Procreate, but also JPG files with every palette included, for people who do not use Procreate. 

For non-procreate-users or old procreate versions: Save the JPG pictures and import them to your art in your drawing program. Use the eye dropper/colour picker to manually pick them from the picture if your version of Procreate does not support swatches.

Digital product, therefore no return/refund.

Click here for the FREE SAMPLE of portrait colour palettes.

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  • Portrait Colour Palettes Collection

  • Portrait Colour Palettes Collection
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Portrait Colour Palettes Collection - For both Procreate and non-Procreate users

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